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        Ningbo Hunter Import & Export Co.,Ltd.

        Call us toll free: 0086-574-6226-5852

        Ningbo Hunter Import & Export Co.,Ltd.

        2020-05-14 14:52:24

        Whether you are looking for a wonderful outdoor experience or holding a successful event; Ningbo Hunter is a fully-qualified industrial company dedicated to creating leisure and events furniture of exceptional quality.
        We have already got a professional line of blow molding furniture for 6 years, which serves customers all world-wide. This year, we enlarge our field more in the leisure and events furniture business and offer good quality products ranging from folding canopy. tents and resin chairs.
        Aiming to provide customers with good quality products and excellent service, we will always keep a positive attitude and hunter spirit and together with our customers grow. Warmly welcome for all of you to come and join us!